Coolant and Transmission Flushes

Using our flush machines help to ensure all residue and debris are cleaned from your coolant system or transmission. Old fluid is flushed out and new fluid pushed in to ensure a complete exchange of fluid. Transmission flush includes a filter change where required.

Oil Changes and Tune Up

At every oil change, aside from new oil and filter, your vehicle will also have its lights, fluids, air filter, and tire pressures checked. We also grease any front end components that have grease fittings and lubricate door hinges.

Diagnostics and Computer Scanning

With ten factory and aftermarket scan tools, we can accommodate programming and diagnostics for most makes and models on the market.


With our top end Hunter Alignment Rack, an alignment can extend tire wear, straighten a crooked steering wheel, and correct a pull problem.

Maintenance and Repair

Have a clunk or noisy brakes? Get a complete inspection here of the condition of your vehicle. Brakes, steering, suspension, and more. A regular inspection can extend the life of your vehicle.


Custom pipe bending and exhaust kits available to improve the sound of your car or truck. Repairs on older exhaust available and less expensive than factory replacements.

Tire Sales and Insulation

Whether you need snow tires and steel rims, an off road tire package, or all season tires for your daily vehicle, we have many brands available overnight to create just the tire package you are looking for. We also have up to date programmers to reset your tire light for TPMS when needed.

Safety Inspections

Buying or selling a used car? We can help. Safety inspections are required to transfer a vehicle into your name, and getting a safety inspection before you buy can make sure you don’t end up with a lemon! Certify your vehicle before you sell for a quicker sale.

New Vehicle Service

The new car warranty stays in effect when you have your new car serviced here. Save yourself a trip out of town; oil changes, brakes, and regular maintenance can be taken care of locally, and we will inform you if a concern is covered under your factory warranty.